The Empire & The Single We’re Pushing

“We can make it”…was just featured on the semi-nationally syndicated show “In DA Cypher” ..we thank you for your support those who voted for it… is now going to be featured on the “Renegade Express” WBLQ. WBLQ’s audience reaches the communities of Southern Rhode Island, Southeastern Connecticut and Eastern Long Island, New York.

The show airs every monday at 6pm eastern on

Thank you for your support and please continue supporting real hip-hop by supporting The Empire!!



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It’s ok, it won’t take away, just apply and do what’s right for your brain!

New Connections:
1. Take care of your head by protecting it. When on a bike, use helmet, also when driving always safety belts. Pray before you go anywhere and ask for His protection

2. No Toxins

3. Drink lots of water, and remember

4. You are what you eat:
Continue learning something new, like a insterment, puzzle, bad mitten is good; and excersize, arobics or?, at least 3 times a week to get your heart moving to cause blood to feed brain.

5. As for food, eat green leafy vegies, walnuts have omega 3 eat every day it keeps at bay oldtimers, I forgot Samon and Tuna also have omega 3
Brockley is delecious, lightly cooked with garlic in Olive oil in a frying pan or steam. Try Chard or any greens are good and take a multi vitamin remember our our vegies that we buy in the store are depleated. so substitute with a Multi Vitamin and stop smoking for sure, it really causes oldtimers, you want to stay healthy to do the things God has put you here for, He wants you healthy! ok! now lets do it.


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