contribute to a good cause

I got this compelling  email on Facebook……

Dear Family and Friends,

My daughter, Jasmine, and myself decided to take action against cancer by participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life event right here in my community. Relay For Life is about celebration, remembrance, and hope. By participating, We are honoring cancer survivors, paying tribute to the lives we’ve lost to the disease, and raising money to help fight it.

Please help support us in this important cause by making a donation. It is faster and easier than ever to support me by making a secure, tax-deductible donation online using the link below.

Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up! I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 909-957-5189 or


Debbie & Jasmine Alisca

PS If you would like to mail me a donation, please make your check payable to: American Cancer Society

please contribute to a good cause



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Daily Quotable: 5th Letter

“If  I had known before that it’d be so hard to make it,
I’da done it anyway making minimal changes,
to the paths that I’ve took and the struggles we been through,
you grow to appreciate the hard times that you been through…”

~5th Letter~The Dark Ages album: “Blacksmith”

-need he say more?-

Hip Hop Artist 5th Letter of The Empire


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so yesterday was 420

What does 420 mean? There are varying theories on the origin of 420. Some say that 420 originated from a police code that announces marijuana use is taking place. Yet another story is that a group of guys (Waldo’s) in the 1970’s made 4:20 their official meeting time to smoke marijuana after school. Whether or not 4:20 p.m. is the best time of day for your first hit depends on your own body, your own needs. Some folks feel that waiting until 4:20 enhances ones appreciation of the herb. Of course, your mileage may vary.

In the 21st Century, 420 is firmly established as a code amongst tokers, a time of day and even sort of a toker’s New Year’s Day. It’s in our culture now and only time will tell where it ends up.

April 20th (4/20) is another usage, meaning that it is time for to plant before the summer.

Whatever the real story is, 420 has been an important part of the marijuana culture since the 1970’s. The significance of 420 has been kept underground and is mostly known only among marijuana smokers. Many non-smokers aren’t aware of the symbolism when they see someone wearing a T-shirt or baseball cap that says 420 across the front.

When the 420 icon is somehow discreetly worked into a mainstream product like a film, marijuana users take notice. The film Pulp Fiction is rumored to have had all clocks throughout the movie set to 4:20. Marijuana smokers familiar with the symbol picked up on it—most people, however, did not.

While some marijuana smokers are using 420 as a code that enables them to openly speak about marijuana in front of parents or teachers. 420 has been to some, a sacred symbol for nearly 30 years.

Simply put, 420 is a symbol of cannabis and its culture. Today, April 20th events are international, and 4:20 pm has become sort of a world wide “burn time“.

Known 420 Myths

Police dispatch code for smoking pot is 420.
The number 420 is not police radio code for anything, anywhere. Checks of criminal codes suggest that the origin is neither Californian nor federal. For instance, California Penal Code 420 defines as a misdemeanor the hindrance of use of public lands.

There are approximately 420 active chemicals in marijuana.
Actually, there are approximately 315 active chemicals in marijuana. This number goes up and down depending on which plant is used.

April 20th is National Pot Smokers Day.
Well, it is now :) ; but that wasn’t the origin.

April 20th is Hitler’s birthday.
Yes, it is his birthday. But, as 420 started out as a time, not a date, his birthday had nothing to do with it.

The date of the Columbine school shootings.
This happened after the term was already in use.

4:20 is tea time for pot-smokers in Holland.
Tea time in Holland is at 5:30 pm, or is it 2:30 pm? Seems no one is quite sure when the wonderful people of Holland drink their tea.


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we are on twitter tweet away!!!!!!! follow us!!!



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Just finished a new track…

This past week I finished a new song for my album…. It’s called “Hold On” and it features my peoples TgT and is produced by the one & only Mic Will…. the album is about 75% done so it’s comin… there will also be 2-3 tracks produced by TgT as well… it’s gonna be fire y’all… thanks for the support fam…




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Re: The Empire & The Single We’re Pushing

This is more feed back that we’re getting about our music and we once again thank every one for their support!!

Yo peoples feeling the track,

just got the song on the show…you’ll be on all day tomorrow and we’ll build your rotation all year. Please send us some more of your tracks and let your peoples know about our movement. We’re also looking for independent videos to run.

much respect,

The single were pushing is called “We can make it…it was just featured on the semi-nationally syndicated show “In DA Cypher” and the  “Renegade Express” WBLQ. WBLQ’s audience reaches the communities of Southern Rhode Island, Southeastern Connecticut and Eastern Long Island, New York...and the song has been featured on Big Noise Radio.



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True peace

True peace is no the absence of conflict it solice in the mist of conflict……knowing you will be stronger on the other side.



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