Underground Experience 9-22-014

This months feature is from the land of legal loud with a vocal touch which at first listen might sound familiar but he truly has a style all his own…….lets get mile high with Big-Roo$h

big roosh pic Underground Experience 9 22 014

Mistajay: What is the story and conception behind your emcee name?

Big-Roo$h: I go by the name Big-Roo$h which is just an abbreviation of my government name which is Arusha people call me Roosh for short

Mistajay: What area are you reppin? What is the hip hop scene like there?

Big-Roo$h: I am from Denver Colorado born and raised might I add im the freshest out the mid-west. I come from an area not truly known for its hip-hop capabilities but I am here to show and prove that Denver has a place in the world of music and who better that myself to hold the crown.

Mistajay: What are your influences of your music? And what inspires you?

Big-Roo$h: I could take all day naming all the people that influence me to do music, seems like I have 2000 favorite artist that I like, but as far as creating my own music I use my own life situations and feelings to create everything that I talk about from the bad to the good I’ve lived and interesting life and been able to see and do a lot of different things at a young age.

Mistajay: MANY HAVE SAID THAT “HIS VOICE TONE SOUNDS A LOT LIKE ‘RAPPER CHINGY”. How have you separated you self from that sentiment?

Big-Roo$h: I have heard numerous times that I sound like chingy as well as many other artist and I’m fine with that to a degree no disrespect to him at all I just hope that when people hear me and make those comparisons that they see a different level of substance and meaning in my songs than holiday inn or a right thur trak.

Mistajay: How do you describe your style?

Big-Roo$h: I describe my style as a lyricist I love to paint pictures when I write for the listener to really pay attention to what I am saying but I do warn u put the women and kids to sleep when you turn on a Big-Roo$h track.

Mistajay: With an interview in MAFIA MAGAZINE, (MARCH 2013 ISSUE WITH ICE CUBE ON THE COVER) NUMEROUS INTERVIEWS ON VARIOUS RADIO STATIONS FROM CALI TO CANADA what do you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

Big-Roo$h: I would say my biggest moment from the mafia magazine article to all of the interviews ive done is all of it because its all the beginning of people starting to take notice of me and my craft everything that has happened at this point is all key to why I am even able to talk to you.

Mistajay: What is your best song recorded to date and why?

Big-Roo$h: I have a song on my new album REJUVENATION OF A DEAD BREED, called journey on my own two feet.  that is my personal favorite because it just explains all that I overcame to be here I almost died 3 years ago, not only that but I was going thru a lot personally and it just tells the story of how you have to fight all by yourself through any and everything because sometimes it’s only you that has your back in the end.

Mistajay: YOU HAVE SHARED THE SAME STAGE WITH CANDYMAN, DEVIN THE DUDE AND KRAZIE BONE …If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?

Big-Roo$h: If I could share the stage with 3 artist today I would have to say Stevie Wonder, T.I. and Jay-Z not only have I always thought it would be Dope just to be in the same line as these 3 but these are all people who have paid their dues to the game and remained relevant in music with numerous years under their belt, Stevie has been in the game for over four decades he is a true legend I always wanted the get his voice on a song.

Mistajay: A lot of artists come into the game with a lot of ambition but don’t spend time learning the business side. How important to you is learning about publishing and royalties?

Big-Roo$h: I love music with all my heart but honestly I think about the future of my music the most meaning life after if I am not smart about my publishing and royalties for myself then I will not have anything when the smoke clears for my family I’ll just be another artist that had his day In the sun and didn’t handle business the right way.  No artist never knows how long of a career they will get I want mine for the long haul I’m pushing to see what avenues open up outside of the music.

Mistajay: Where do you see the hip hop going in 2014? How do you see yourself fitting into that?

Big-Roo$h: In 2014 I don’t see music as what true Hip-hop heads want and appreciate but on that same note artist are more able to walk their own paths and prosper from it which is also  a beautiful thing so there is still life for music that isn’t bubble gum rap or pop rap.

Mistajay: What are your future plans?

Big-Roo$h: My future plans are touring your city and the next after that I plan to be at if til satisfied that may be never

Mistajay: Any last thoughts? Where can fans follow you and get your music?

Big-Roo$h: you can find me on unsigned.com, hulkshare.com and on facebook.com I thank you all for your support and appreciate you for taking interest to what I do shot outs to NCC records and god bless.



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