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devil playground Underground Experience 3 31 015

Mistajay: What is the story and conception behind your emcee name?

Devil’s Playground: There really isn’t a story or conception behind the band name other than shock value and something that would leaving a lasting impression. The world is the devil’s playground and we’re a reflection of that playground both positive or negative.

Mistajay: What area are you reppin? What is the hip hop scene like there?

Devil’s Playground: We represent New York City. In my opinion there isn’t much of a hip hop scene here anymore because it appears that we have lost our identity. Music played on the radio stations don’t represent NYC at it sound like they were created elsewhere. New York was the mecca for hip-hop for a very long time however that’s not the case anymore. 

Mistajay: What are your influences of your music? And what inspires you?

Devil’s Playground: Our musical influences are Outkast, Nas, Pac, Wu Tang, Bob Marley and the Wailers Buju Banton, Rage Against the Machine, U2, Prince, James Brown, Gil Scott-heron etc. All the individuals mentioned are people that inspires us and move us to do what we do musically.

Mistajay: How do you describe your style?

Devil’s Playground: Our style is considered experimental by our fans we’re able to fit into different genre of music, which is a good thing in my opinion it keeps things exciting and fresh.

Mistajay: You guys where once a traditional hip-hop duo and have now become a full-size evolutionary band, one that adds to its sound with every musical form, break down what brought that on?

Devil’s Playground: It was necessary for us to change from a duo to a full size band because the music that we do requires more than a DJ. We are constantly trying new things or trying to improving on our music. There is a difference in sound when it comes to a DJ verses a live band it’s a certain feeling you capture with a band.

Mistajay: What is your best song recorded to date and why?

Devil’s Playground: it’s difficult to say which song is our best song given that we treat each song like a new born. They all have significant meaning to us we put a lot of time and effort into creating each one. Some more than others depending on the subject matter and the production, so it’s difficult to say.

Mistajay: If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?

Devil’s Playground: 1. Sade because she is unlike any other female artist

2. Nas because people compare Righteous to him

3. Lenny Kravitz he’s been around and is successful and has able to transcend when the odds were against him.

Mistajay: A lot of artists come into the game with a lot of ambition but don’t spend time learning the business side. How important to you is learning about publishing and royalties?

Devil’s Playground: Publishing and royalties are very important when it comes to getting paid we take the business part of this very seriously however things and times are constantly changing, so we try to adapt to the changes so that we can survive in this game call the music business.

Mistajay: Where do you see the hip hop going in 2015? How do you see yourself fitting into


If 2015 is anything like 2014 hip hop won’t be going anywhere. Not too many artist are making music worthwhile. Talent don’t seem to matter anymore. All the rappers that mattered don’t seem to be making music or they don’t appeal to todays generation. We don’t try to fit into what’s going on, we simple do what we do because we believe in the music we make.

Mistajay: What are your future plans?

Our future plans include a lot more new music and

expanding upon what we’ve done so far.

Mistajay: Any last thoughts?

Final thoughts thanks to every single individual that follow and support The Devil’s Playground. Our debut Silence Equals Nothing can be purchased online. For more info check out steppinstoneent.com or youtube.com/steppinstoneent or facebook.com/steppinstoneent



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