The Underground Experience 2/28/22 Celebrating 10 Years of the Underground Experience Feature from 8-12-013


This months Feature is one of Bucktowns Finest on the one and twos lets put the needle on the record with…………..DJ Spinwiz

What is the story and conception behind your DJ name?
Spin Wiz: The story on my Dj Name….. I wanted a name close to my mentors Dj Flash Fader's. I liked the fact that when people saw him they knew who he was and what he did. Scratching and mixing ahead of his time the people just called him Flash. So after praying and a lot of thought after a practice session one day it hit me. Spin Wiz was born

What area are you reppin? What is the hip hop scene like there?
Spin Wiz: I rep the 910 in a small town of Hoke County called Raeford, more commonly known as BuckTown. Old School Hip Hop is big in the area which is good. Which gives me a large range to work with, but the commercial scene is largely accepted rather than independents.

What are your influences of your music?
Spin Wiz: My influences rest heavily on DJs like My Mentor, R.I.P to Dj Flash. Just watching him DJ do amazing stuff on the turntables just did it for me. I wanted to be him. Now, I still remember a lot of different things he's done but I just want to set myself apart from the other DJs in the area. What still drives me is hearing great DJs that are still on their game killing it day in and day out, like Jazzy Jeff. New influences like Dj Epic, who's a genius with his creativity, and up and coming DJs like Dj Teddy, who has created his own lane with his unique style of djing. I'm not the best but I'm striving to do better.

How do you describe your style? And what inspires you?
Spin Wiz: My style is more of a tour dj style. I like to put sets together that will make ppl want to party and just forget about their problems and just drown themselves in great music.

What is your best project recorded to date to spin and why?
Spin Wiz: Get Rich or Die Tryin by 50 Cent is one of my favorite projects. That project reflected the mind set of a lot of individuals that where trying to come up even if they where in bad situations. Tracks like “Many Men”, mind blowing.

If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?
Spin Wiz: Biz Markie - My favorite all time artist. Big Daddy Kane - The most versatile MC every. R. Kelly - He's just a pure genius and knows how to command a crowd

Where do you see the hip hop going in 2013? How do you see yourself fitting into that?
Spin Wiz: Hip Hop is in a bad state right now with a whole lot of nonsense, Artists or more of a circus attraction rather than bringing concepts and fun in the game. As a DJ, I already know that music evolves and with that the DJ has to evolve with it to be relevant. I accept the changes but I hope with this new class of artist coming up it will eventually get back to fun times again with exciting music

What are your future plans?
Spin Wiz: My future plans - I plan on following in by mentors footsteps and hope to dive into radio. Eventually I also want to put together a series of mixtapes of commercial and independent artist and get to the next level of djing.

Any last thoughts?
Spin Wiz: I appreciate you taking the time to let people know me and some of my thoughts.

Where can fans follow you and get your music?
Spin Wiz: Everyone can reach me on facebook or twitter @djspinwiz. Also if you in the Hoke County look me up at Bucktown Lounge, 508 Harris Ave, Raeford, NC 28376


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