The Underground Experience 7-26-023 Big Homie Poet/ Next Generation Recordz

This months Feature is an emcee from the sunshine state who is working to make stewardship of the culture a family business lets check out……. Big Homie Poet/ Next Generation Recordz



Mistajay:  What is the story and conception behind your artist name?

Big Homie Poet: Formerly my artist name was Da Unknown Poet . In 2019 after a few years not being on the music scene we started we got barz and rebranded and being that I wanted to be seen as a leader on the scene I changed my name to Big Homie Poet.


Mistajay: You have been involved in music releasing albums since 2002 What area are you reppin? What is the hip hop scene like there?..How has it evolved since you started?

Big Homie Poet: Repping Tampa Bay the scene here is pretty diverse but heavy on southern rap and trap music predominantly there is a true school vibe to it as well and in the recent years with the attention from the superbowl its gained more attention from celebrities and bigger artist that come with opportunities for local talent to be apart of their movement. One thing that seems to not have changed much is that it can be very cliqued up and hard to get into certain circles for shows and opportunities. 


Mistajay: What are your overall influences of your music? And what inspires you?

Big Homie Poet: Overall influences for the music I create is life, passion, pain, being the underdog and of course the entire culture of hip hop each element intrigues me in different ways and they're all great options for self expression. 



Mistajay: How do you describe your style of  hip-hop?

Big Homie Poet: My style of hip hop is definitely boom bap lyrical but I've always had a way with creating my own signature sound and staying true to myself even when venturing outside of the boom bap sound in my early stages of recording and even till now there has definitely been some West Coast influences and sounds that we've rocked with also. 


Mistajay: You put out 5 albums during the time frame of 2002 to 2012..What is your best song recorded to date and why?

Big Homie Poet: Out of the 5 albums I definitely have some classics to date out of those projects I think would be don't get it twisted or all up in Da game. They're not heavy tracks in terms of seriousness but I still brought a level of lyricism that makes other artists 2nd guess featuring because you gotta have your barz way up to keep up!!

Mistajay: If you could work with any other 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?

Big Homie Poet: 3 artist that are around and still touring who I'd like to work with I've Cube he always come with it and goes hard on every thing he does, DJ PREMIER his production is top notch and I could Def kill anything he would put in touch with me last but not least inspectah deck from wu tang his level of lyricism is unmatched and we could murder a track unmatched for a definite. 


Mistajay: From 2013 and forward You started Next Generation Recordz w my 13 yo son at the time being the flagship artist. How did it develop and why was important to put family out front in that role?

Big Homie Poet: After releasing Diary of Poet in 2012 the focus turned to my son who I wanted to give an outlet to express himself the way hip hop allowed me to express my self from there he was a natural. 

Mistajay:  You host your own music platform called WE GOT BARZ keeping the culture of hip hop front and center at live events and everything in between….How important do you think it is for artists to create their own lanes/platforms to have steady hand in their futures/careers?

Big Homie Poet:  It's important to know there's gonna be roadblocks and sometimes it's necessary to blaze your own trail and create opportunity for yourself by giving opportunity to others. There are a lot of artist trying to find a way into the game and not always someone willing to let them in. 


Mistajay: A lot of artists/producers come into the game with a lot of ambition but don’t spend time learning the business side. How important to you is learning about publishing and royalties?

Big Homie Poet: Being that I've moved into more of a leadership role and not just an artist anymore its most definitely important to know this type of information as it can also be a service offered to those who don't have time or knowledge and need someone trust worthy to set it up properly and get them right.


Mistajay: Where do you see the hip hop going in 2023? How do you see yourself fitting into that?

Big Homie Poet: I'm seeing hip hop headed back to the realness and phasing out the mumble rappers and of course there is always the rnb element infused into it as well.



Mistajay: How has covid 19 situation affected your plans as related to music?

Big Homie Poet: In 2019 when we started we got barz we were coming off a streak of 40 shows in 6 months and planning to go outside of our specific area branching into Orlando in 2020 once that was grounded we got together with a long time homie and dropped Diary of a lock down featuring big homie poet, kutthroat kaution and wicked one so no shows during the time frame for 2020 but we capitalized by being in the studio recording and working remotely w wicked one to get the songs mixed and mastered. 




Mistajay: What are your other future plans?.

Big Homie Poet: My latest album released in 2022 is called Beast on Da mic I'm still promoting the album and singles off it pretty heavily . I've also dropped 9 singles in addition to that album all produced by digital crates and have about 3 more singles in the process all collabs and I'm getting back into album mode and starting production selction for Beast on Da mic 2 promoting the debut album from kutthroat kaution called powered up and eventually dropping the joint project w my son kutthroat called generational wealth 



Mistajay: where can people find your music? 

Big Homie Poet: Available everywhere 




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