The Underground Experience Feature 6-22-017 Har Q



This months artist is putting his international stamp on the game from across the pond lets checkin with the UK’s own………….. Har Q

Mistajay: What is the story and conception behind your artist name?


Har-Q: my name originally started as a play on words, meaning “when I leave the stage, it will be a hard cue to beat”.

Doing a lot of competitions in the beginning I liked to go on 1st and have people like 

“Nah I got to go on after that guy”

As time passed I got wiser understanding myself more and my interest it became an acronym for herald, ark, returned/ renaissance - quadrivium 


It means bringing back the 4 elements of hip hop: breakdancing, dj, graffiti and emcee. Having these 4 things in your life Is knowledge similar to : astronomy, music, geometry and arithmetic and I see the similarity’s in the study’s, for instance astronomy the movement of planets is like breaking the movement of the body.


Mistajay: What area are you reppin? What is the hip hop scene like there?


Har-Q: I’m from Northampton in uk, the scene here is progressing as it’s quite a small town but has a lot of surrounding towns and we are all coming together with our own different flavours. It’s a mix of hip hop 

(Boombap) trap, alternate hip hop, and drill.


Mistajay: What are your influences of your music? And what inspires you?

Har-Q: I Am originally influenced by the Golden era of hip hop 94-99 listening to nas, wu tang, 2pac , biggie, big L, big pun and xzibit the list could go on. At the same time I was heavily in to cartoons and art especially back then dragon ball z, Spider-Man, rugrats, all the 90’s cartoons.

I just love the characters and the personality that the artist and shows gave off, it made me interested in why people act a certain way so I then became really interested in psychology the sun tzu, Robert Greene and philosophy & history.


Mistajay: You say that other people have referred my style to a mixture of schoolboy Q , Andre 3000 and Flatbush zombies…How do you describe your style how would you break that down further?

Har-Q: I am a highly lyrical artist words and rhythm are probably one of the most important thing in my life, I started off being way to over the top with my words and lines I guess immortal technique mixed ras kas and no1 understood me, so I had to understand how I can keep me and still entertain the masses or at least find a niche.

I was watching vox I think it’s called where it broke down rappers style and there was on MF Doom and it was like if he was the most unorthodox I would be like his Polar opposite aiming for the most harmonious style.


Mistajay: Your latest release is called running man What is your best song released to date and why?

Har-Q: if we are talking numbers it’s actually a song I released in 2018 called “infinity” which hit 16k streams which I’m quite surprised because it’s a boom bap hip hop track which I didn’t really think people was really interested in in this era, but I love its honesty and fragility.

But my favourite has been all my creations at some point I loved them the process the mood I was in at the time etc If I had to pic one it would be “suraisu”

For the video the flows the content, I feel the evolution in myself in that one.



Mistajay: You I’ve been rapping and writing for over 10years, ever since hearing 90s hip hop and becoming obsessed with lyrics and rhymes, you spent a lot of time free styling and being in cyphers. You started enjoying the process of song structuring and writing songs. How do that help you grow as an artist, can you break that down a bit further?

Har-Q: Freestyling allows you to practice the basics of the art form, I put rapping to arithmetic it can be a 1+1 type sport which is what you see predominately used. So free styling teaches you tempo, cadence, syncopation, can develop your quick thinking and get you relaxed doing your art form like doodles to an artist. Spending hours on this had build the essential muscle to writing. Writing and the trouble that comes with it, is getting tense people call it writers block or stage fright.  I found when I used to freestyle while walking home I’d have genus verses but then when I sat down they was gone, so I just wrote and stopped caring if it was good ‘I’ve still got my 1st verse I wrote, I cared for them, and at time got frustrated but respected the process looking back it was growing pains. The 3rd step was rehearsing and I’m still improving on this I used to sight read my lyrics but then it took the life out of them now I memorise my lyrics and the new problem is still feeling it by the time you have repeated it 100x lol.

The final stage is performing and that is unleashing all you have developed so far and that’s becoming my favourite part.


Mistajay: You have opened for M.O.P, Dilated Peoples, Dead Prez, KRS ONE, Charlie Tuna and Grandmaster Flash If you could tour with any other 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?

Har-Q: nas for sure because he is my favourite. Dmx and the ruff ryders because there energy and the amount of styles that they had in the melting pot. James brown because this energy and stage shows was 2nd to none 


Mistajay: A lot of artists come into the game with a lot of ambition but don’t spend time learning the business side. How important to you is learning about publishing and royalties?

Har-Q: This here is the only part of the game that is important creativity is good for the soul and the people that hear it and get inspired, but if you can’t survive off the work you are creating your creativity will soon starve as well. For the hour you spend on writing make sure you spend 2 hours on the way you are gonna market and advertise this product. It’s paramount and I can’t stress it enough, it’s something I’m coming to terms with and have learnt the hard way, and am still learning.



Mistajay: You’ve never really been into gangsterism and fashion, you say you had to find a way to still display my skill and love for the culture. I love creating music and my image is a blerd being into cosplay and gaming, which I show by wear a mask and coining the term of phantom of hip hopera. Where do you see the hip hop going in 2022? How do you see yourself fitting into that?

I feel as commercial as hip hop has become there is a lot of sub genres in the music that is coming out that I really vibe with some with jazz accompaniment and lo-if beats some soulful stuff. there is a big growth in drill music and that could take more president over the next year or so, plus there is a lot of songs from the 2000’s that’s being remixed so expect to hear lot of regurgitated music. A lot of nerd core blerd music is getting popular people using anime characters for covers and talking about it in there songs. I just continue making music and forging my own path I’ve never really fitted in so the change has never really affected me, I go with the flow, when I feel a beat I write and hope it becomes timeless.


You said your plan is to drop a lot of singles this year to spread your reach do more shows and reach the Americans, What are your other future plans?

Har-Q: To collaborate with a lot of artist, and record on the road documentary’s and studio sessions, set up a national tours in uk. Find a manager or management to release some of the burden lol

Any last thoughts?

Har-Q: Know what your doing music for, if it’s for the rockstar lifestyle know that you can have a much better time if you just work a 9-5 and spend your money. Music is like entering the matrix’s once your in there you can’t see no other way you want to live life, many times I’ve tried to go back to normal life.

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