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ORIGINAL POSTING THE Underground Experience 12-20-011

A Lyricist Producer and Fayettevillian this month’s feature is Ronnie C.

Mistajay: What is the story and conception behind your emcee name?

Ronnie C: It’s my real name. Ronnie C Rouse. Yes it's just a "C". Middle intial only.

Mistajay: What area are you reppin?

Ronnie C: Fayetteville, NC. 283whatever

Mistajay: You said in your you tube post that if anyone came to your crib they would here odd music Pink Floyd etc. What are your influences of your music? And what inspires you?

Ronnie C: Anything real. I’m a big fan of production, so anything melodic. I love everything from Queen to Aretha to Fantomas to Bessie Smith. I know cats are like, “who the hell is Fantomas?” lol. Look it up. I get inspired by my life. I'm talking yesterday, today, and tomorrow. My music is autobiographic. There's a lot that goes in my everyday life, so I just let it spill on the beats.

Mistajay: As a lyricist and a producer, how do you describe your style?

Ronnie C: New age. Rare. If I had to describe it in one word, the one that pops in my head would be “authentic”. It’s different because I’m just a different type of guy in general, let alone musically. I'm extremely conscious of what I say, so I if I said it I meant it.

Mistajay: 9th wonder recently had a write up about Hip Hop in NC and one of the main points was that the competition was outside the state, and not within. Basically saying that we need to support our own as artists and develop a brand.

What are your thoughts about this, as well as your own advice for indy artists and fans alike?

Ronnie C: I recently said that I support the local talent, not the local music. There’s a big difference. On a different tier, I don’t actually see a lot of competition outside of North Carolina, I see a plethora of signed artists outside of North Carolina. On the same hand, there is a myriad of garbage “artists” within the state (as well as outside of it). As far as developing your own brand, that’s kind of a given/unspoken. I mean, you’ve got to do that to stand out anyway. My advice for independent artists is do your thing, do your best, but stay the hell out of my way.

Mistajay: What is your best song recorded to date and why?

Ronnie C: I have several. I honestly couldn’t put my finger on one particular song if you had a gun to my head. But I’d have to go with this song I made called “Killing Y’all”. The song title alone speaks for and shows the non fictional propensity of my music, and displays that my production is through the roof.

Mistajay: If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?

Ronnie C: The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. That’s the only real music I’ve been hearing lately. Not even kidding.

You said you think radio is a joke. Can you go into more detail on that?

It's funny you mentioned that. The other day I was backhandedly accused of being bitter towards the radio. But seriously, turn on the radio and try not to laugh. It’s all politics. A large amount of the music played during radio programs is garbage. Many a station are just trying to maintain status quo by playing whatever is in their record pool, and out of those songs the minority of them are actually good, intelligent, quality music. I’d rather listen to country music than listen to the radio. Mind you, I hate country music. Thank God for iTunes, Sirius XM, and Pandora.

Mistajay: Where do you see the hip hop going in 2011? How do you see yourself fitting into that?Hip-Hop in 2012?

Ronnie C: It’s still here. It didn’t particularly go anywhere, it just got overshadowed by mainstream media and the political powerhouse better known as “Top 40 radio”. I see hip-hop returning to the forefront bigger than before, and I want to be one of the ones leading the siege. Hip-Hop music is like the moon. It has phases. Fortunately, it’s about time for a new moon.

Mistajay: What are your future plans?

Ronnie C: Drop a single this summer (globally) God willing, record and rap up this album that shall remain nameless until further notice. I just want to show people what I have, and that it’s okay to be yourself musically. Essentially I’m chasing the “dream” like everyone else, but I’ve got an awfully big head start. I’m leaps and bounds ahead of many others. I also have a dedicated team that is around solely to see that my plan is formulated, well thought out, and executed. We’re still making adjustments here and there, so we’ll just have to wait and see what washes up on the beach when the tides turn.

Mistajay: Any last thoughts?

Ronnie C: Shout out to Mike Lynn and Dan Leman at Jekyll Island Club. Shout out to Cameron Strang at Warner/Chapell Music. Shout out to Mike Hustle and Eric Andrews at 5 Focus. And I’d like to give a final shout out to myself, because no else is. Lol. As far as the final thought I’ll leave you with one of my recent quotes. “I don’t need you to take me seriously, but I do need you to understand what happens when you don’t take me seriously.”

Mistajay: Where can fans follow you and get your music?

Ronnie C: I just made a Reverb Nation page . But your best bet is to hit the blogs to find exclusive content. I hate when people say “Google me”. It is so cliché and overrated, but search for me online. There’s a ton of stuff out there to satisfy your palette. Hopefully soon, we’ll have a site up and running, but in the meantime….. , . By the way, become a fan of Ronnie C on Facebook. All the cool kids are doing it.

Ronnie C


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