Packing Playlist: Raleigh/Durham

Raleigh Durham, North Carolina

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Nothing could be finer than a trip to Carolina. North Carolina is a beautiful southern state with so much to offer. Its vast landscape offers beaches, mountains and rolling hills. It’s definitely the type of place you could get away and escape to on a simple vacation. Here are five songs to get you packing for Raleigh/Durham.

1. Petey Pablo - “Raise Up”:
It’s hard not to think of Petey Pablo’s T-shirt waving anthem when thinking of North Carolina. It’s the perfect song to amp up your attitude for the tedious job that is packing.

2. J. Cole - “Work Out”:
Hailing from Germany, but settling in Fayetteville, NC, J. Cole always had an affinity for the world. His intelligence landed him a top-of-the-class spot at his alma mater, St. John’s University in New York City. J. Cole’s never forgotten where he’s come from and his uplifting lyrics and upbeat melodies are great for packing.

3. Thelonious Monk - “Round About Midnight”:
In case you didn’t know, jazz legend Thelonious Monk was born in North Carolina. Perhaps this shouldn’t be the song you play while packing, but after you’ve finished and have poured yourself a glass of wine.

4. Little Brother ft. Big Daddy Kane - “Welcome to Durham”:
Little Brother consists of Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh–both from Durham, NC. Little Brother is one of the biggest underground rap acts in the game. Their socially-aware lyrics and hard-hitting beats solidify their own drive and motivation to never give up. Like you–don’t give up on packing, even if it can suck!


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