History and meaning of easter

Easter marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. The last week of the Lent is called Holy Week, and it contains Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter is followed by a fifty-day period called Eastertide or the Easter Season, ending with Pentecost Sunday.

Easter is a moveable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. It occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover by much of its symbolism, as well as by its position in the calendar. In many European languages, the words for “Easter” and “Passover” are etymologically related or homonymous.[3] The term “Pascha“, from the same root, is also used in English to refer to Easter.

Easter customs vary across the Christian world, but decorating Easter eggs is a common motif. In the Western world, customs such as egg hunting and Easter Bunny extend from the domain of church, and often have a secular character.

In Old Testament times, the priest would bring bulls, goats or a spotless lamb without any blemishes to be sacrificed as a sin offering for himself and for the people. The blood would purify and make atonement (forgive, make amends) for their sins. This was the old order of atonement. When Jesus came, He was a representation of the sacrificial lamb to take away the sins of the world. He was the final sacrifice. We no longer have to sacrifice animals to make atonement for our sins. Jesus has done this once and for all. It’s His blood that cleanses us from all sin. He was crucified on the cross (the form of execution in those days). The sin of the world was upon Him, yet He was without sin and blameless. He bore it all. This is why Jesus is referred to as the ‘Lamb of God’. He was bodily resurrected (came back to life) on the third day. He appeared to many – eating and drinking with them. He appeared to them for 40 days, then ascended (went up to) Heaven.Acts 1: 1-11


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Underground Experience Feature 4/19/011

This month’s feature is with a Fayetteville, NC vet who group was the first to get national shine out side the ‘Nam today we go inside the mind of Rik Marvel.

rikmarvel Underground Experience Feature 4/19/011

What is the story and conception behind your name?

Wow ……..the Story behind my Name? Well when I first started as an Artist (MC), my original Stagename was KAOZ but as I soon found out, alotta other Cats already had the same Name in all kinds of different spelling Variations so I had to find something that nobody else had. I wanted to use my real Name at first but then I really didn’t wanna put my Government Name out there like that so I chose to come up with a Name that was Half-Real and Half-Fictional yet I still wanted it to sound like a real name……so I played around with certain Words that I felt would best describe me and got stuck with “Marvel” because it had a certain Ring to it and I even found a way to freak it in an Acronym kinda way so in actuality the “Marvel”-Portion meant Masterpoetic Architect Redacting Verbal ELements…wich I thought at the Time was like the flyest thing EVER! Hahahaha…..now I think it’s just funny…….

What area are you reppin?

Well, I was originally born In Germany as an Army-Brat, my Family is predominantly from Pittburgh,PA. But i did spend a substantial amount of time in North Carolina, Fayetteville to be exact. I have Love for all of those Places and I claim all of them as Home yet I consider myself a “World-Citizen” so thats what I rep….Also I rep Hip-Hop first and foremost.

How long have you been in music? Who have you worked with?

Hahaha I’m an older cat so i been doing it for a minute….I started out as a Dancer,moved on to MC’ing and then out of necessity I started making beats because I had nobody to do them for me at that Time. I started in…hmmmm about 1993 if I remember right.

I’ve worked with alotta People…mostly Unsigned Artists….In Fayetteville I worked with The Empire, Rain (we are currently working on an Exclusive Project), Cyrus, alot of the Older Cats that was around circa 1997-2001 in the Ville, I’ve worked with Skillz (formerly Mad Skillz) on numerous Occasions. The last joint I did for him was on his last Album “The World Needs More Skillz” it was a Tribute Song for DJ AM (R.I.P.). I worked with Dj Hotday outta Queens and with Black Sheep (Mr. Lawnge & Dres) also. In Germany (where I currently reside) I’ve worked with just about anyone in the German Hip-Hop scene that has a Name.

What are your influences of your music?

My Music is influenced by anything my Ears come across be it Rock, Soul, New Age, Folk,Jazz, Psychadelic…whatever sounds good to me. In my opinion the best Music on Earth was made in the Late Sixties thru Seventies so alot of Music from that Era, no matter what Genre was just Incredible!

And what inspires you?

I draw inspiration from alot of things around me….sometimes Melodies just appear in my Mind and I try to manifest them in the Lab, I might hear some sick chords on an old Record that go like straight to my Heart and make it skip…hahaha after that it’s on!  I am part of a Collective of Producers Worldwide and we call ourselves BEATFANATIC, Members include 9th Wonder, Slopfunkdust, Jake One, !llmind, M-Phazes, Jaisu, Symbolic 1,Spon, Dela, Croup…the list goes on…all those People inspire me to work harder at my Craft. The homie Nottz is someone I also look up to and get inspiration from.

How do you describe your production style?

There is no real style…but then again there is I guess. I always make sure my Drums sound Crackin, sometimes I chop samples, sometimes I even use straight Loops. Sometimes I use no Samples at all. Mostly I combine Samples, chopped or not, and add other instruments over them. I try to make it sound like it’s all a Sample but in reality I added some things in there that you won’t hear when listening to the Original….I was also told that my Beats have a certain Swing/Soul to ‘em….whatever that means haha!………..

Total disclosure here we talked some years back in a never published interview when your where in Fayetteville, NC about what your goals where and at the time they where making yourself a house hold name as a producer and a emcee leaving a successful legacy and giving something back……how in your way to do think you have achieved or come closer to working toward goal and if you goals have changed how so?

Alot has changed since then….my outlook on life has changed drastically and I matured in many Areas where it was necessary.The priorities are somewhat in order as opposed to before. I am still working towards establishing myself as a KNOWN Producer but it’s no longer a NUMBER ONE PRIORITY Fam..to be honest…Nowadays I’m still about my Business but Income in this Music Industry is so Irregular that one might have no choice but to work a regular 9-5 aaaannnd do Music on the Side such as myself. See for me it’s so much more now than to just be a Household Name in the Game one Day and be gone the next. For me making Music is really about the Artistry and I often also view it as a recreational Means to escape the world sometimes..feel me? Over the years I have achieved what I found was the most Important thing for me……Inner Peace..and thats what really matters.

We also talked about your daily routine which was at the time work 5-8hrs and hit the studio in Hopemills,NC……what is your routine like now

Hahaha….uuhhh…..Working 8-12 hrs and Hit the Studio at the Crib!

Rain and J Cole have mentioned you in their interviews as being someone who when they saw your unsigned hype article with Characta Assassinz in The Source 96 as a inspiration for them to keep pushing if they have the type of success that opens the door for others in the Ville do your feel like you have earned a spot or solidified your spot as one of the fore fathers of Fayetteville hip-hop?

They Did? Wow! Big Shout to J. Cole and Rain first and foremost….they are the Future and I really dig both of them as Artists……dope Cats right there! I am currently working on a Project together with Rain and God willin’ if J.Cole is down for a Collabo we will get that in also….at some point. The whole Characta Assasinz Era was so crazy and magical…we had so much Talent under one Roof it was Insane…..I better not ever get the chance to do a movie on that whole ordeal….hahaha. Those are all my Brothers and I love them to this Day. The Climax of our Reign was when we made the Unsigned Hype Column in the Source Magazine…I couldn’t believe it myself! As a Group we were the first ones from Fayetteville to achieve something like that! They even quoted a piece of my Verse in the Article….I think it solidified my Spot as one of the Forefathers of Fayetteville Hip-Hop but thats really not for me to say, feel me. If these new Artists comin outta Fayettenam feel like they wanna acknowledge me and my Brothers for that, then I have no problem with it! I have to tell you though what was EVEN BIGGER to me in terms of Fayetteville Hip-Hop back then…was when the Homies “Bomm Sheltuh” had their single “I Heard That” played at Level 3-Club in the Ville….they was the FIRST independent Artists to achieve that at the Time….to me that was Big!

What is your best song recorded to date and why?

Don’t really know what the best Song is but I do have a Favorite though…I did a Song called “One in a Million” for this German Soul-Singer named Joy Denalane and that Joint gives me Goosebumps to this Day….it came out so beautiful and Joy is a crazy talented Artist. She is recently featured on Nottz’s Album “U need this Music” on a Song called “How long will it Last”……The Reason that’s my Favorite Song I recorded is because it all came together so naturally…way better than expected!

If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?

Band? I would have to say The Roots or the Dap Kings because they are just Super Fresh with live Instruments! I’ve done Shows with Bands in the Past and performing live with Band is incomparable to anything else!

Other than that I would have to say De La Soul because they are my Favorite Hip-Hop Group next to A Tribe called Quest.

and last but not least Busta Rhymes because anyone who has ever been to one of his Shows knows that this Cat has Maaaaaaaad Energy in his Stageshow and I would be able to Wild Out and act stupid!LOL!

Where do you see the hip hop going in 2011? How do you see yourself fitting into


It’s really hard for me to say where Hip-Hop might be going in 2011, there are alot of Up and Coming Artists like Jay Electronica, Rain , J.Cole, just to name a few, who show promising Talent and Potential to really take things to the next level….raise the Bar Again, feel me? I myself will hopefully be able to work with alotta new Artists including the ones mentioned above hahaha!

What are your future plans?

Marry, Have Kids….make sure my Good Deeds outweigh my Bad Deeds before it’s all over!

Any last thoughts?

Be on the Lookout for Rain & Rik Marvel Project coming out later this year!

The most Powerful Thing you possess is the Human Spirit, nourish it with Love, Family, Friends and Positivity


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