This month’s focus is on someone who is out to rep hard for females in real Hip-hop lets check out Lady Cam….


Mistajay: What is the story and conception behind your emcee name?

Lady Cam: Lady Cam. Because I am a Lady. The second part is Cam and that came from my love of video and cameras besides it’s the first three letters of my real name Camille.

Mistajay: What area are you reppin?

Lady Cam: The South. Louisiana / Texas / Atl

Three places I have lived and love in there own special way. Born in Texas, raised in Louisiana, and went to college in Atlanta.

Mistajay: So you model, write, create graphics and do photography how does that influence your music? And what inspires you?

Lady Cam: It influences me by giving me another eye into writing another way to look at things. My life, things, and people around me inspire me to keep doing music.

Mistajay: How do you describe your style?

Lady Cam: If you like Eve, Lauryn hill, Jay or Wayne, that’s me.

Mistajay: What are you thoughts on the landscape for female emcees?

Lady Cam: Right now I’m glad we are making a comeback, I just want to see more diversity.

Mistajay: What is your best song recorded to date and why?

Lady Cam: My best song that I recorded is the next one I write because I always get better by each song i right. I never want to say that I like this song but the one i did last week was better.

Mistajay: If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?

Lady Cam: OMG ! Jay z, Lauryn Hill, and Pink. YES ! and then I can die….(crossing my fingers) lol. But I would love to hit the stage with those guys before I die.

Mistajay: Where do you see the hip hop going in 2011? How do you see yourself fitting into that?

Lady Cam: I see real hip hop coming back to the top because people are tired of hearing music with no content all the time. I see myself on more T.V. shows, radio stations, and touring. I see myself being one of the people bringing back hip hop to the main stream.

Mistajay: Singing to Universal how did that come about? What are your future plans?

Lady Cam: They hit me up on Myspace. They said that they were watching me for a while and they like my grind. My future plans are to blow big this year with the music.

Mistajay: Any last thoughts?

Lady Cam: Thanks for the interview. If you didn’t know I also produce as well as write all my material. I do websites, graphics, audio/video production, model, and promotions for other artist.

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