This month’s feature is with a hard working artist who aspires to be signed and bring his message to the world lets check out Ryan B.

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Mistajay: What is the story and conception behind your emcee name?
Ryan B: The story and concept behind my name is basically I chose my first name and the first letter of my last name as my emcee name.

Mistajay: What area are you reppin? Ryan B: Fayetteville, NC Aka Fayettenam the 910

Mistajay: What are your influences of your music? And what inspires you? Ryan B: I’m influenced by all types of music. I grew up listening to hip-hop since early in elementary school. I was listening to Public Enemy’s 9-1-1 on a cassette one day and liked it and that’s when I knew I loved hiphop. Then I began listening to Onyx, 2pac, Dre, Snoop, Outkast, Biggie and the list goes on and on. I’m also influenced by all types of other music like rock, soul music, blues, and country, basically I listen to all music that I feel is good.

Mistajay: What do you mean when do you describe your self as just another hard working underground artist trying to get signed while bringing a different style of music to the table rapping about real life situations? What would you call your style?
Ryan B: I’m a very hard working artist who aspires to be signed. I think that’s every artist dream, to be signed so that you can hopefully put our your album and your message to the world. I call my style just reality rap, it’s conscious. I’m not with all that glorifying negativity, it’s just not my style. I’d rather speak about things going on in the world and trying to awaken people that if we all change for the better the world can be a better place. There’s people out here beefing with each other over a bunch of nonsense. If people just concentrated on getting money the violence would be cut down, I know there’s always gonna be violence but if we as people learn to somehow control it maybe the crime rates will drop. I just try to make music with a positive message, but some times I might be pissed off or something and create some aggressive content also.

Mistajay: What is your best song recorded to date and why? Ryan B: I don’t know, I’d have to say this song called Pens Down me and my homeboy Squires did. A lot of people like to hate on you when you on the grind trying to rap, so we was just like nah fuck that we ain’t putting no pens down we gonna try to go harder every song.

Mistajay: You have opened up for Crime Mobb, Freewill Entertainment, Young Buck, Boosie and Webbie. If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring other than those you have already opened for, who would they be and why?
Ryan B:I would like to do a show with J.Cole, Saigon and Lupe Fiasco. Those are three artists who I listen to a lot right now. I got love for a lot more artists than that in hip-hop though.

Mistajay: Where do you see the hip hop going in 2011? How do you see yourself fitting into that? Ryan B:I see hip-hop going into a positive direction with a lot of the new talent coming out.

Mistajay: What are your future plans? Ryan B:I just released a joint mixtape with a family friend who calls himself “Squires”, and the mixtape is called Perseverance. The mixtape speaks bout against world corruption while explaining life experiences we both went through after his pops was killed in a homicide and my grandmother died right when I was going through some tough times mentally and financially. We had to be strong and persevere, and through hard work we got the mixtape done and it’s a double cd with 37 tracks. I plan on promoting that while working on my solo project “Fighting the Odds” that I’ma try to finish up by winter 2011.

Mistajay: Any last thoughts? Ryan B:You can listen to my music online at www.reverbnation.com/ryanbandsquiresmusicpage and I’m on facebook at Ryan Bmusicpage. I appreciate the interview and shout outs to everyone in the Carolina’s on their grind.

Mistajay: Where can fans follow you and get your music?
Ryan B: www.reverbnation.com/ryanbandsquiresmusicpage Twitter: RyanB84 and facebook: Ryan Bmusicpage

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