This month’s feature is a in your face 26 lyricist step into the world of F.a.y.s.e…………..


Mistajay:What is the story and conception behind your emcee name?
F.a.y.s.e.: My emcee name F.a.y.s.e. came from a nickname I had in my neighborhood back in the day and I flipped it into an acronym standing for Fuck All You Shitty Emcees and also Free All Your Sleeping Emotions which are two ways I feel about music and how it affects me.  Plus just being Face would be too plain and generic in my opinion.

Mistajay:What area are you reppin?
F.a.y.s.e.: The area I rep is Fayetteville or as alot of peple refer to it the 2 6.  And North Carolina in general as I have lived in other parts as well but was brought up and spent most of my life in Fayettenam and I am currently there now.  I love my city.

Mistajay: What are your influences of your music? And what inspires you?
F.a.y.s.e.: My influences come from many different artists such as Nas, Ghostface Killah, Eminem, Busta Rhymes The Roots, and the list could go on and on and on as I draw inspiration from all kinds of music.  Not only hip hop but rock, blues, jazz all of that plays a role in my musical growth.  Anyon with drive sparks me, jus seeing passion at work makes me not want to give up and keep pushing.  Even something as simple as a commercial can light some inspiration in me I guess it just depends on my current mood and what I’m around at the time.

Mistajay:As lyricist and How do you describe your style?
F.a.y.s.e.: I would probably describe my style as in your face for the most part.  I just like to get in the booth and spit it hard.  I’m not too heavy o punchlines as alot of emcees are nowadays and alot of times when I do use them they are kinda subliminal or incognito where you would have to think about the line just right to even get it.  I also get introspective quite a bit as there are alot of feelings I really don’t know how to express except thru music.  I guess you can say my style is somewhat old school hip hop I’m not really into dance songs or talkin bout swag and money and all that unnecessary shit.  My music has a little more meaning than that. Gotta stay true to me and not be out here trying to be somebody I’m not.

Mistajay:What is your best song recorded to date and why?
F.a.y.s.e.: Most of my songs are so different from one another that it’s hard for me to pick a favorite or best to date.  People who listen to my album “On the Way” which is out now by the way, come up to me and almost everybody has a different song they claim as their favorite so as far as feedback its also spreads out over the whole project.  If I had to pick one I would say “Juggernauts” which was a group track I recorded years ago when I ran with The Fleet, a rap group I was part of when I lived in Wilmington.  It was an Eminem sample on the hook and monster verses from everybody on the track.  It was just always a banger during live shows and got the crowd going crazy.

Mistajay:If you could share the stage with any 3 artists or bands who are still around and touring, who would they be and why?
F.a.y.s.e.: First off I would love to share mic time with Black Thought and rock it out with The Roots cuz they put on one the best shows I’ve ever seen and with a band like that behind me I feel I could really cut loose.  I don’t care what nobody says bands put on a million times better show than just a person with a mic and a DJ could imagine doing and that’s coming from a hip hop artist.  I think Kanye West would be another as he does epic shows and I think that would be a blast.  Last but not least I would have to say Lil Wayne cuz he brings super intense energy to his live performances and that’s just up my alley.

Mistajay:You said you think radio is a joke can you go into more detail on that?
F.a.y.s.e.: Radio is what it is.  They play almost the same rotation everyday and it seldom switches up until new parts of the year roll around and new music is released and then it does that rotation everyday.  To me most of the music on there(I’m talking about hip hop/rap/ r&b specific stations in my area) is not that different from the song played before aside from the bevy of good songs that get regular rotation.  I think more diverse segments could be made where different kinds of music is focused on during certain time slots as those are too far in between.  There is way too much good music out there to play to give it all to artists that make copycat follow the leader music rather than try to create their own lane.  Too many one-hit wonders get shine from saying catchy stupid shit and that kinda bullshit is flooding the market.  Radio plays all this and people hear it imitate it and next thing you know every song sounds the same.

Mistajay:Where do you see the hip hop going in 2012? How do you see yourself fitting into that?

F.a.y.s.e.:There is no telling where hip hop will go this year only time will tell and I’ll get in where I fit in.  I’m just gonna grind and try to get myself out there.

Mistajay:What are your future plans?
F.a.y.s.e.: Right now I’m pushing my album via internet as much as possible and always looking for new sites to put it on as well as constantly promoting the F.a.y.s.e. brand in general.  I plan on releasing another project later this year but until then I’m writing, recording, collabing, and performing live as much as possible.  Looking to jump on a tour of some kind this year.  I guess traveling around the state and doing my thing in as many cities as possible is my main goal.  Creating a buzz big enough to get noticed is hard but I know keeping that buzz is much harder so while it feels tough right now I know the struggle has only begun.  I’m confident in my product though so I feel if I can get heard I can go places.  Hopefully this is a good year.

Mistajay:Any last thoughts?
F.a.y.s.e.: preesh the time you took to do this interview.  Anybody out there want to do work hit me up on my email and let me know but don’t come at me bullshittin cuz I ain’t got time to not be gettin serious with some music shit but if you real about collabin I’m down.  F.a.y.s.e. out.

Mistajay:Where can fans follow you and get your music?

F.a.y.s.e.: Follow me on twitter/@albshitfaysed check out my reverbnation page just search F.a.y.s.e. or google the name I got my shit on so many sites it hard to even think of them all.


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